Chrome Canyon – Live Mix on dublab (10.04.12)

Prepare to follow your ears into the future. Your audio absorption appendages will be taken over by the entrancing captain of tomorrow’s tidings, Chrome Canyon. He will grab hold of your mind via these fleshy stereophonic flaps on your head and bring you into tomorrow via an expert blend of the finest synthesized secrets. After this adventure is over you will surely be sparkling head to toe in the glittering outerwear of way out there.

For further proof of these claims please stream Chrome Canyon’s album Elemental Themes at Hype Machine now.




Assault on Precinct 13 – John Carpenter
Witch – Goblin
Timesteps – Wendy Carlos
Beach Theme – Tangerine Dream
No Future – Tangerine Dream
Palm Spring Drive – Giorgio Moroder
I’m Ready – Kano
Night Flight to Venus – Boney M
Spank – Jimmy “Bo” Horne
The Chase – Giorgio Moroder
Chasing the Dead – Chrome Canyon
Velvet Rape – Space
Evil Ball – Sinoia Caves
Elemental Themes – Chrome Canyon
Main Theme – Isao Tomita
Who Speaks for Earth – Chrome Canyon