Chris Kissel w/guests Diamondstein & Sangam – Contact Wave (10.21.18)

Diamondstein and Sangam
Hosted by Los Angeles-based DJ and journalist Chris Kissel, the monthly dublab program Contact Wave enthusiastically celebrates the best experimental, avant-garde, psychedelic, and off-the-grid music crafted in L.A. and beyond.

This week’s episode featured in-studio guests Diamondstein & Sangam, whose collaborative album The Ocean Between Us releases Oct. 16 on Doom Trip Records. The album finds the duo expanding significantly on their sound, incorporating elements of postmodern classical music, beat-driven synth, and dream techno into their signature electronic minimalism. Tracks flow in and out like the tides, providing listeners an opportunity to let go completely; with bodies afloat on the water’s surface. While the music provides escape, it also offers an opportunity for introspection.

      Chris Kissel w/guests Diamondstein & Sangam – Contact Wave (10.21.18)


Dakota Suite, Dag Rosenqvuist, Emanuele Errante – Nothing is as Effective as Defeat – from “What Matter Most” (2018)

**Diamondstein & Sangam Live on Air**
Diamondstein & Sangam – The Price of Failure – from “The Ocean Between Us” (Doom Trip) (2018)
Diamondstein & Sangam – Finding Peace Where There Isn’t – from “The Ocean Between Us” (Doom Trip) (2018)
Diamondstein & Sangam – Tinker – from “The Ocean Between Us” (Doom Trip) (2018)

2814 – from “新しい日の誕生” (Dream Catalogue) (2015)
Mark Pritchard – Sad Alron – from “Under the Sun” (Warp) (2016)
Diamondstein – MSK – from “Dead City 1.1” (BLCR Laboratories) (2017)
Sinoia Caves – Elena’s Sound World – from “Beyond the Black Rainbow OST” (Jagjaguwar) (2014)
Andy Stott – Science & Industry – from “Faith in Strangers” (Modern Love) (2014)
Carla Dal Forno – The Garden – from “The Garden” (Blackest Ever Black) (2017)