Chris Kissel w/guest Zazz – Contact Wave (04.01.18)

Chris Kissel is a DJ and freelance music and culture writer based in Los Angeles. In addition to Border Blaster, he has contributed to L.A. Weekly, Tiny Mix Tapes, Consequence of Sound, Noisey, and Paste, among other publications.

Hosted by Los Angeles-based DJ and journalist Chris Kissel, the monthly dublab program Contact Wave enthusiastically celebrates the best experimental, avant-garde, psychedelic, and off-the-grid music crafted in L.A. and beyond.

Zazz is the long distance collaborative project of Ang Wilson and Braeyden Jae. Out of mutual admiration for each other’s musicality and expression, the project came to life when the two decided to develop a creative dialogue through sound, sending files back and forth with no pre-determined aesthetic or agenda. That space of not knowing and openness nurtures the trust and respect that guides the project. It allows for an honesty and presence that can be difficult to tap into when the course has already been charted.

Soft Harbinger follows the thread of gentle and pastoral work that Braeyden has pursued with his project, softest, and that Ang has been known for, both with their solo project, teasips, and with Electric Sound Bath. Soft Harbinger is the debut album from Zazz and it’s a beautiful opening.

      Chris Kissel w/guest Zazz - Contact Wave (04.01.18)


**Zazz Live in Studio**
David Casper — Awakening — from “Crystal Waves” (1984)
The Seven Fields of Aphelion — Divining (Naming of the Lost) — from “Keep the Ocean Inside” (2017)
Ariel Kalma — Orguitar Soir — from “(The Microcosm): Visionary Music From Continental Europe, 1970-1986” (Light in the Attic) (2016)
Bana Haffar — Shift — from “Alif” (Vent) (2017)
Primary Mystical Experience — Mountain — from “Arcana” (Aural Canyon) (2018)
Tuluum Shimmering — The One That Touched the Sky, Part 1 — from “The One That Touched the Sky” (2018)
Ossa — Port of Zakynthos — from “Your Math, My Magic” (Medium Sound) (2018)
Barry Cleveland — Sophia — from “Mythos” (2012)
Charalambides — Do You Believe — from “Glowing Raw” (Drawing Room) (2016)
75 Dollar Bill — I’m not trying to wake up — from “WOOD/METAL/PLASTIC/PATTERN/RHYTHM/ROCK” (Thin Wrist) (2016)