Melted Toys – Always

melted toys

New video by Melted Toys, from San Francisco. The video depicts a burning apparition traversing a colorful, psychedelic landscape. Directed by Anibal Bley from Santiago, Chile, this is something Vince… Read More »

Walter Gross – Patmos


Walter Gross created his very own super-solarized “motion-collage” for “Patmos” using a combination of stop-motion and time-lapse. All that amazing collage work was done by hand on a green screen,… Read More »

Symbol – Tracer


Symbol’s synthesis extends beyond the sonic in his video for “Tracer,” taken from his debut solo album Online Architecture, released through Holodeck Records. Utilizing Rutt-Etra video synthesis techniques on an… Read More »

K. Leimer – Lonely Boy


This video is from A Period of Review, the third installment in RVNG Intl.’s archival series (see a video from the fourth installment here). K. Leimer sets his self-deterministic systems… Read More »