VUM – Winter Marches On

vum duran duran

“Making Patterns Rhyme: a tribute to Duran Duran” is the 4th installment of Manimal‘s bi-annual tribute records. This collection of Duran Duran covers by Moby, Warpaint, Soko, Carina Round, Austra… Read More »


T.E.A.L. – Birds


The 3rd release on the new Los Angeles label Tears of Joy is by T.E.A.L. Their debut recording is three pieces of deconstructed techno music released in a limited edition… Read More »


Sun An – Feeling II

sun an feeling II

Dry stone-wall sub bass. Nightly recordings of local birds, frogs and other wild-life. Late evening small town highway racing exhaust pipe. Breaking live evening news. Pairs well with couch sitting… Read More »


Hiro Kone – Island


Since leaving the calculated grooves and anxiously kraut-ish post-punk of Effi Briest behind, Nicky Mao has delved deep into the curiously insidious realms of experimental techno and artful rhythms. Hiro… Read More »