Sun An – Feeling II

sun an feeling II

Dry stone-wall sub bass. Nightly recordings of local birds, frogs and other wild-life. Late evening small town highway racing exhaust pipe. Breaking live evening news. Pairs well with couch sitting… Read More »


Hiro Kone – Island


Since leaving the calculated grooves and anxiously kraut-ish post-punk of Effi Briest behind, Nicky Mao has delved deep into the curiously insidious realms of experimental techno and artful rhythms. Hiro… Read More »


Anenon – Karma


Karma is part of the new Anenon‘s record “Sagrada”. Conceived as a document to bridge Simon’s more precise studio practices with his increasingly free form and saxophone-focused live shows, this… Read More »


Nelumbo – A Bell


The four musicians that form Nelumbo construct songs that balance blues, jazz, folk and Rock. Former member of the dub/reggae band Nairobi, Jorge Estebenet, drives the songs from the rhythm… Read More »


Mieux – Fishing


Mieux is what happens when two of Austria’s most forward thinking producers leave the analytic mode out of the equation. Minor Sick and Feux join forces to become… Mieux! Although… Read More »