Jake Jenkins – Friendly Futures Radio (07.16.18)

Monday evenings, Friendly Futures Radio floats and fills the dublab skies with Los Angeles musical enthusiasm with particular hip-hop diligence,… Read More + Listen »

      Jake Jenkins – Friendly Futures Radio (07.016.18)

Seano w/guest Te’Amir and Captain Planet – The Treehouse

Paving his way in the music scene since ’06, Seano began as an assistant teacher at the Scratch… Read More + Listen »

      Seano w/guest Te'Amir and Captain Planet - The Tree House (06.18.18)

Alex Ho w/guest Daydreams – Asking For A Friend (07.15.18)

Alex Ho is an LA-based DJ / event producer. He runs the party series Moony Habits and frequently… Read More + Listen »

      Alex Ho w/guest Daydreams - Asking For A Friend (07.16.18)

Rene Contreras w/guests Dreamlover and Royaljag – Oh No It’s Monday! (07.16.18)

Oh No It’s Monday focuses on up and coming music coming from different areas of the world. The… Read More + Listen »

      Rene Contreras – Oh No It's Monday! (07.16.18)

Deru – guest session (07.16.18)

Deru (Benjamin Wynn) is a three-time Emmy Award winning American composer, sound designer and music producer. He earned a… Read More + Listen »

      Deru - guest session (07.16.18)

Machine Project – Human Sound Activities (07.15.18)

Poetry, words, and sounds by humans with occasional machine assistance hosted by Machine Project. MIX: DOWNLOAD

      Machine Project – Human Sound Activities (07.15.18)

Chris Kissel w/guest Rootless – Contact Wave (07.15.18)

Rootless - Jeremy Hurewitz

Hosted by Los Angeles-based DJ and journalist Chris Kissel, the monthly dublab program Contact Wave enthusiastically celebrates the best… Read More + Listen »

      Chris Kissel w/guest Rootless - Contact Wave (07.15.18)

Kenneth Bager – Music for Dreams (07.15.18)

Kenneth Bager from Copenhagen’s Music For Dreams label brings you his weekly radio show. The hour long show… Read More + Listen »

      Kenneth Bager – Music for Dreams (07.15.18)

Jeff Weiss – POW Radio (07.14.18)

In the grand tradition of spinoffs (“Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead,” “The Simpsons,” “It’s Pat”) POW Radio is… Read More + Listen »

      Jeff Weiss – POW Radio (07.14.18)

CALLIE – CUTS 01 (07.14.18)

CUTS 01 / a melting pot of dark wave electronic, footwork, bounce, hip hop, jazz and textured instrumentals… Read More + Listen »

      CALLIE – CUTS 01 (07.14.18)