Cat 500 – Aunt Mitzy’s Professional Radio Broadcast Transimission (07.28.17)


Aunt Mitzy (aka Cat 500) occupies an intimate corner of the universe that contains within itself a great vastness. Her “sprout session” is a string of interstellar secrets being whispered in your ear. This space chatter is created when a satellite crosses wires with a synthesizer. Like the tree falling in an empty forest, these sounds are usually silent as dust in a void but thanks to Aunt Mitzy′s diligent energy you can hear the buzz and crackle of the great beyond. Tune-in and she’ll re-transmit it to you in dubby verbatim.

      Aunt Mitzy - Aunt Mitzy's Radio Broadcast (07.28.17)


yoshitaka hikawa -room 901
garrett – end theme
masayoshi takanaka – neptune
slam mode feat pink horizon – anemone blanda
sonia rosa – adeus guacyra
spirales – dueter
julie london – go slow
henri mancini – norman carol
Jintana & Nou – Sparkling Beach
in love with a ghost -i was feeling down & then i found a nice witch & now we’re best friends
garrett – right now
emerald four – always with you
yuki ohno and his project – the way to the spa of kirizumi
Citrus – Crystal Thunder in the Wonder Safari
sonia rosa – revelacao
metome – palm
samantha – how long
yann tomita – take a walk
aphex twin – lichen
at jazz – slide it in
de de mouse – baby’s star jam
slam mode – cancion de amor
aphex twin – Xmas_Evet10 (Thanaton3 Mix) 120
tomita – dazzling cylinder that crashed in tunguska , siberia
special request – salsa smurf
sinn sisamouth – doung chan euy
ventla – last sight
amanda schoepflin – into a rose
peggy lee – i only have eyes for you
cherelle – stay with me
masayoshi takanaka – sweet agnes
el guincho – stena drillmax