Carlos Niño “KIA (That Yonder) Reflection (ft. Jesse Peterson)” – DUBLAB “FIELD REPORTS” VIETNAM


The Sun is just starting to sparkle over the horizon. Banana trees sway on the banks of the river and all is peaceful as the current carries us onward. We float downstream with the morning mist swirling the bow. Faint incense hangs in the air as we pass riverside temples and morning monks in saffron robes. Slowly we approach other bobbing boats and soon we are in the midst of the morning market. We float, starboard side gently kissing the worn wood of the pineapple boat’s port, and buy a fruit heavy with sweet juice. We paddle a few strokes and are soon upon a ship serving steaming bowls of pho. This soup is savory and vibrant with lime. Our stomachs warm and tongues tingle. The boat rises with the waves of a passing dragon fruit ship. We hail it to buy a bundle of exotic pink treasures. The morning carries us through the market and soon we drift to our next adventure with happy bellies and wide alive minds.

Carlos Niño along with his friend Jesse Peterson (together they are Turn on the Sunlight) have crafted a song that perfectly reflects the beauty of a Vietnamese floating boat market. Their folk-infused creation conjures Mekong River magic with its rippling melodies and majestic swells. Enjoy this beautiful song and close your eyes for a brief audio vacation to Vietnam.

      Carlos Niño - KIA (That Yonder) Reflection (ft. Jesse Peterson)

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