Capitol K – Cumbia Millipedes

The forthcoming new Capitol K album ‘Andean Dub’ (his 6th) was inspired by a road trip covering over 7000 kilometers of South America through the territories of Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. Meeting musicians, collecting instruments and market stall CDRs the trip was a fascinating experience and a chance for Kristian to dip his toes in the burgeoning alternative club scene of Buenos Aires whilst simultaneously tracing the wanderings of early 20th century South American metaphysical literature. The journey’s creative manifestation was a mindboggling collection of experimental acid Cumbia, Psych & Lo-Fi Huayno followed by a series of live shows performed alongside Brazilian tropicalist Cibelle. These renditions, captured between temporal schedules, kept a place in his heart and in time received serious rotation from WFMU’s DJ Rupture, crept into miscellaneous global mix-tapes and, when posted on K’s Soundcloud page, they received thousands of plays from Mexico City to London, Lima to Tokyo. After a brief re-visit to the southern hemisphere Kristian was spurred on to gather these tracks together for release on his brand new album Capitol K album – ‘Andean Dub’.

Cumbia Millepedes video is directed by Rebecca Salvadori. A London based visual artist focused on the nature of digital images, most of Rebecca’s video work is inspired by her love of slowing down the production processes in contrast to the generally mechanical attitude that surrounds most contemporary digitally made audiovisuals.