Callie Ryan w/gues Fem Synth Lab (GHORBA DJ Set) – CUTS 01 live from Loop (11.10.18)

For this program dublab broadcasted live from Ableton’s Loop in Hollywood.

The once New York and now LA based DJ, producer, half of the duo DIVORCE, and curator of the night FM+, GHORBA, will be at the live broadcast as the representative from Fem Synth Lab. GHORBA has an incredibly important and special presence in the Los Angeles electronic music community and is a core member of Fem Synth Lab.

After a thirty minute DJ set from GHORBA, dublab DJ, Callie Ryan will sit down and conduct an interview which will focus on the proactive, intentional, and inspiring work Fem Synth Lab is doing and how it is contributing to the ever-growing and changing Los Angeles sonic landscape. We will discuss the core principles of the collective, as well as how they go about curating their inventive and important programming.

Callie Ryan then played a DJ set which highlighted artists who have participated or have been constructive in Fem Synth Lab programming.

      Callie Ryan w/gues Fem Synth Lab (GHORBA DJ Set) - CUTS 01 live from Loop (11.10.18)