Bob Dazzla – Pacific Beach Playback (06.27.18)


Pacific Beach Playback broadcasts live from Pacific Beach Vinyl in San Diego bringing you a mix of recently released and forthcoming tunes, as well as a palate of offerings going back to the 70’s through present day—mostly dance related but not solely.

      Bob Dazzla - Pacific Beach Playback (06.27.18)


Orquesta De Las Nubes – Ella no lleva gafas – Music From Memory

Jayda G & Alexa Dash – Diva Bitch (DJ Fett Burger’s Massive Bitch Mix) – Freakout Cult

H.A.N.D. – ??? – Have A Nice Day

Velvet Season & the Hearts of Gold – Javaroo – Love Circle

Pau Roca – True (PR’s edit) – Pleasure of Love

Divine Situation – Soul Revival – Moton

Alan Shelley – Party Freaks – Best Record Italy

Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold – Marti Caine – Love Circle

Debbie Peters – Baby It’s Alright – Free Flight

Gang – K.K.K. (Club Mix) – Best Record Italy

Tao – Eenie Meenie – (Mark Seven XTC Excursion) – Rogue Cat Records

Eddie C – Atlantic Jam – Red Motorbike

Alexis LeFan – Mambo Jambo – Cult Edits

H.A.N.D. – ??? – Have A Nice Day

Pushing Movies – Thinking About You (Original) – CockTail d’Amore

Somerville & Wilson – Yantar (Los Gatos Escobar Remix) – Hell Yeah

Larry Heard – Missing You (Original) – Alleviated

Orquesta De Las Nubes – El Orden Del Azar – Music From Memory

Gabor Szabo – Keep Smiling – Mercury

William De Vaughn – Be Thankful For What You Got

Touch Down – Ease Your Mind (Remix) – Record Shack

Touch Down – Ritmo Suave – Streetwise

Willie Colon – Set Fire To Me (Latin Jazzbo Version) – A&M Records