Bianca Lexis w/guest Ariella Abrams – Happy Hour (01.23.18)

Bianca Lexis is an LA-based vinyl DJ. She currently holds a residency at Tenants of the Trees in Silverlake every Saturday night and regularly guest DJs around Los Angeles. Growing up listening to both her dad’s new wave records and LA’s old school R&B station Hot92.3, she naturally grew an appreciation for soulful chords, ’80s production and synth sounds. She got her start in radio at KXSC before seriously collecting records and regularly volunteering at dublab. On Happy Hour, she shares her favorite feel good grooves – cheap or expensive, well-known or obscure, as long as it’s rich in soul and moves you physically and emotionally. Expect to hear some boogie, disco, and ’80s funk, but anything goes.

      Bianca Lexis w/guest Ariella Abrams - Happy Hour (01.23.18)


Once – Joanna
Savant – Using Words
Seri Ishikawa – Panorama Heaven
Barbara Marchand – I Whisper Role Over
Honeymoon Killers – Wait and See
Urang Otan – Walking in the Jungle
Pink and Black – Miss Fortune
De Ambassade – Geen Genade
Victrola – A Game of Despair
Anika – In The City
Part Time – She’s Got the Right
Amanaz – Khala My Friend

Fereidoon Farrokhzad – Aashianeh
Googoosh – Gharibe Ashena
Cibo Matto – Hotel Valentine
Saâda Bonaire – Shut The Door
Logic System – Unit
Etienne Jaumet – Anatomy Of A Synthesizer
Boy Harsher – Motion
Liasons Dangereuses – Peut Être…Pas
Falco – Einzelhaft
Orchestral Manoevres In the Dark – 2nd Thought
Nabihah Iqbal – Saw U Twice
Exploded View – Mirror Of The Madman
Red Axes – Dreams Like A Tale
The Slits – FM