Baths guest hosting – sodapop sounds (06.12.18)

Anticon label man sodapop hosts his monthly show on dublab, “sodapop sounds.” Join your host as he takes you through a whirlwind assortment of tunes hand-picked, un-archived and selected from sodapop‘s personal collection and delivered to you with care. Every 2nd Tuesday of the month.

Keeping our Spring 2018 Membership Drive rolling along in the smoothest manner possible, it was a pleasure having our bud Will, aka Baths, swing by the the studio for a two hour set of his favorite selections/

      Baths guest hosting - sodapop sounds (06.12.18)


radio dept – your true name
lali puna – the bucket
land of talk – this time
friendship – workhorse
the drums – abysmal thoughts
kelly lee owens – lucid
smerz – oh my my
yaeji – raingurl
sassy 009 – pretty baby
autechre – iera
dntel – if i stay a minute
leila – welcome to your life (ft. mt sims)
xeno + oaklander – nuage d’ivoire
gacha – send two sunsets (ft. natalie beridze [tba])
huun-huur-tu – saryglarlar
donato wharton – is that why yr still on earth
dntel – jitters (geotic remix)
shinichi atobe – regret
????? – ???????
isan – birds over barges
efterklang – swarming
nils bech – back home
tom vek – nothing but green lights
luke abbott – modern driveway
t. raumschmiere – zwerg
chicane – no ordinary morning
frou frou – shh