Alex Pelly w/guest Jung Hollywood – PELLYVISION (08.27.16)

PELLYVISION is a monthly collision of sound and vision. Alex Pelly creates live visuals accompanied by audio from a different DJ, musician or sound artist.

This month’s audio-visual collaboration featured a live DJ set from Jung Hollywood, resident of Service and Run with releases on Juke Underground and Immaterial Tech.

      Alex Pelly w/guest Jung Hollywood - Pellyvision (08.27.16)


Track List:

ulla anona – track 2
maukook – i can’t remember where we first met, was it on the top of this building _
Karl Lumont – Walking Down 5th Avenue
Loop Trick Feat. Maria ‎– Beat Freak (Pal Joey Action 1)
Redshape – Bleep Repeat [Present Recordings]
LF 4 Whut_DeStress jam
DJ Sotofett – Philip Sherburne, your word should be worth more than the ignorance of Pitchfork
Bwana – The Colonel’s Mistake, The Scientist’s Regret
sweetly – three is bad
UMFANG – Force-1
Warren Raww – Gringos Tropicanas [Natural Sciences]
K-HAND – sound 6
DJ deeon – x-ta-c
Drew sky – wigged out
james bong – boiler
broken english club – knives
moerbeck – arrival of the stranger
Lost – ¯__(ツ)__¯
dawit eklund – litchi juice
sonofdistantearth – drykorn
kirk the flirt & peter pressure – dancer’s tool
Omar-S – Party Marty
Lake Haze – Her Pale Skin Glowing On The Dancefloor
Florian Kupfer – Work Your Baddy (get a job)
23 dnab – We Will Nurture
Fetnat – Marbrahh
Bbbbbb – Prins Polo Caramel Milkshake [TRIP_трип]
dj lostcat – dystopian ~6.1
amaar – recife shades
YOUNG MALE – Grey Hologram
Randomer – Percussion Workout 1 _ Clone Basement Series
Соап Джем – Алкотрип.3gp
drugs work – Sade