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Bush Chemist – Coconuts, Rainwater and a Seagull (Ian Fairweather’s Raft Journey)

Some true stories are wilder than can ever be imagined. This is one of them, and in this… Read More + Listen »

closer to the sea without moving

Yellow6 – Looking Back Towards the Sea

Another step in the world of guitar experimentation, Yellow6 presents guitar soundscapes that capture the spirit of many… Read More + Listen »


Zøraya – Phuture Perfect w/ Aura T09, Zernell & Zernell Jr. (01.05.15)

The Phuture Perfect is a future focused dance music transmission with a taste for darkness, sex and rave.… Read More + Listen »


Matthewdavid w/guest Douglas Mcgowan – Mindflight Meditations (01.14.15)

Matthewdavid hosts his weekly, live show on dublab for the Aquarians, featuring lost tapes and live improvisations. This… Read More + Listen »


Dunk Ballantyne – Tiger’s Milk DJ mix (01.27.15)

London’s Tiger’s Milk Records are planting flavorful seeds for the world to enjoy. Sprouting from a place where… Read More + Listen »


Jasmin Blasco – Speak My Language (01.05.15)

“All around the world, everywhere I go, no one understands me.” Speak My Language proposes to explore the… Read More + Listen »


Diva – Yialmelic Transmissions (01.05.15)

Interdimensional intergalactic immortal pop star and meditational healer Diva presents to you guided exotic journeys to her home… Read More + Listen »

Tom Chasteen

Tom Chasteen – Meditation of Sound (01.14.15)

This show brings you the word sound of power of the many manifestations of Reggae music from the… Read More + Listen »


Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Sundry

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s album Euclid is a work of wonder. Her chance encounter with a Buchla 100 synthesizer… Read More + Listen »


SEANO – The Tree House w/ Free The Robots & Nobody (12.15.14)

Paving his way in the music scene since ’06, Seano began as an assistant teacher at the Scratch… Read More + Listen »


Nanny Cantaloupe – Perplexagon: Milking United Dairies (01.22.15)

“In 1979, original NURSE WITH WOUND member John Fothergill founded the now legendary UNITED DAIRIES label to facilitate… Read More + Listen »


Zane Landreth with Gibby Miller (Dais Records) – Mount Analog Radio (11.06.14)

Mahssa & Zane are co-owners of LA’s hallowed Mount Analog record shop. This vinyl mecca has become a… Read More + Listen »