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Chris Ziegler – One Reporter’s Opinion (03.18.15)

One Reporter’s Opinion—named after Chris Ziegler’s L.A. RECORD review column—is part lesson in lost history and part celebration… Read More + Listen »

shana falana

Shana Falana – Heavenstay

“Set Your Lightning Fire Free” is a lightning fire, the earth at odds with itself, burning itself to… Read More + Listen »


Girma Yifrashewa – Live & in Conversation with Frosty (03.24.15)

Ethiopian pianist and composer Girma Yifrashewa visited dublab to perform live and speak with Frosty about his music.… Read More + Listen »


dublab live from Ace Hotel & Swim Club’s DESERT GOLD 2015

Ace Hotel & Swim Club’s seventh annual arts and music saturnalia Desert Gold, is happening from April 9–20… Read More + Listen »


Butchy Fuego – HOLLERGRAM (03.24.15)

Listen with caution. It’s likely that the space-time fabric will be altered on a monthly basis with each… Read More + Listen »


Ale w/guest Jeffery Plansker – Elevation Through Sound (03.18.15)

Ale plays the obscure gems your ears have always craved but never come across. “Elevation through Sound” provides… Read More + Listen »


Hoseh – Version Sounds (03.24.15)

“Version Sounds is my interpretation of radio communication, my version. At its roots, the show credits reggae dub… Read More + Listen »


Andres Renteria – Shining Spirit Sound (03.24.15)

Andres Renteria is a percussionist/drummer from Los Angeles. He has been playing and recording with Mia Doi Todd… Read More + Listen »

simon joyner

Simon Joyner – Nostalgia Blues

Simon Joyner is a renowned American singer-songwriter who first came to prominence during the Lo-Fi movement of the… Read More + Listen »


Join us for dublab’s CREATIVE CULTIVATION Fundraiser Salon on April 2nd!

dublab’s annual Creative Cultivation Fundraiser Salon is happening on April 2nd 7-11pm at JF Chen in Hollywood. More… Read More + Listen »


Lee Robinson – Out On The Porch (03.16.15)

Lee Robinson has always liked history class. Every third Monday 2-4pm, join him on a musical exploration of… Read More + Listen »


Sutja Gutiérrez – Dat Christ

Sutja Gutierrez, the civilian and the military, the epic poem and the casualty. This army of deserting soldiers… Read More + Listen »