DUBLAB’s 19th Anniversary Celebration at Zebulon (09.29.18)

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Camille and The ViLLAGE – The Sweeter The Juice Show (09.20.18)

The Sweeter the Juice is a bi-monthly residency hosted by Camille and The ViLLAGE. Featuring great conversation and… Read More + Listen »

Induce – Dancing, Thinking, Loving, Listening All 45’s (09.20.18)

With Induce’s Dancing, Thinking, Loving, Listening, his monthly show on dublab, Induce hopes to take listeners somewhere new… Read More + Listen »

Derelict – Damage Control (09.20.18)

Derelict is the cicada of his dublab peers, burrowing out every few years, to lay songs in your… Read More + Listen »

Private Selection – Private Selection Radio (09.20.18)

After leaving the dangerous planet i-44, a group of .wav-slaves fly toward a distant speck. The speck gradually… Read More + Listen »

Justin and Warren of Anadamide guest hosting – THEME GALAXY (09.20.18)

THEME GALAXY is a monthly show on Dublab brought to you by Los Angeles Radio Veteran and Dublab… Read More + Listen »

Jimmy Tamborello – Dying Songs “MEAKUSMA FESTIVAL SPECIAL” (09.20.18)

“Dying Songs” focuses on melancholic electronic music but isn’t limited to that. Sometimes it gets dark, sometimes I… Read More + Listen »

Minty Boi w/guests Dumbfoundead, DJ Koala & Hello DJ – Minty Boi’s Eternity (09.19.18)

Hi! My name is Yiwei. This is my weekly show :) The name comes from my promoter moniker… Read More + Listen »

Heidi Lawden – Magic Roundabout “Live Recording From Sunset Campout” (09.19.18)

Heidi’s Magic Roundabout reflects every aspect of her musical personality as she invites listeners into her world every… Read More + Listen »

Daniel T – Crosseyed and Painless (09.19.18)

Daniel T, one half of the production duo Cosmic Kids, is a Los Angeles based producer and DJ.… Read More + Listen »

Tippa Lee guest hosting – Meditation of Sound (09.19.18)

Tom Chasteen has been a fixture in the LA underground music scene for over two decades. He started… Read More + Listen »

DJJJS – Void Filler (09.16.18)

Sound to fill your space and mess with time. It is not about telling stories or taking you… Read More + Listen »

Richard Chartier – Between Two Points (09.16.18)

Between Two Points is a monthly transMIXion by Los Angeles based sound artist Richard Chartier for Dublab. A… Read More + Listen »

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