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House Shoes – Magic (12.13.17)

House Shoes used to live in Detroit, where he did a lot of really cool sh*t. Known for… Read More + Listen »


Heidi Lawden w/guest Masha – Magic Roundabout (12.13.17)

Heidi’s Magic Roundabout reflects every aspect of her musical personality as she invites listeners into her world every… Read More + Listen »

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Boss Harmony – Punky Reggae Party (12.13.17)

Punky Reggae Party broadcasts every 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month and features musical selections from the… Read More + Listen »

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Ale – Elevation Through Sound (12.13.17)

Alejandro Cohen is a musician and composer from Los Angeles, California. He has written and performed music as… Read More + Listen »

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KUROMOJI and DJ MAYUMIKILLER – guest session (12.13.17)

Get in tune with KUROMOJI and DJ MAYUMIKILLER for their special morning takeover on the stream just for… Read More + Listen »


D Tiberio w/guest Kevin Greenspon – Patterns of Lorena (12.09.17)

Patterns of Lorena focuses on left-leaning movements in dance, ambient, experimental and computer music. Selections are often in… Read More + Listen »

radio_collective_logo_w_suburbia “suburbia radio” @ Cafe Apres-midi (10.26.17)’s program suburbia radio. The 3rd edition of this program was aired on 10/26/17 with Toru Hashimoto as… Read More + Listen »


Echo Park Film Center – Optical Track (12.12.17)

Optical Track is a weekly show presented by members of the Echo Park Film Center Co-op, a group… Read More + Listen »


Hoseh – Version Sounds (12.12.17)

“Version Sounds is my interpretation of radio communication, my version. At its roots, the show credits reggae dub… Read More + Listen »

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Juke Bounce Werk Radio w/guest Surly (12.12.17)

Juke Bounce Werk is a worldwide collective of DJ’s and producers that have coalesced under the juke, footwork… Read More + Listen »


Jen Ferrer – Fish Whistle (12.12.17)

Fish Whistle is a monthly showcase of fresh morning sounds. Ambient, jazz, funk, disco, psych rock, house and… Read More + Listen »

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André Uhl – Live at dublab (12.11.17)

Enjoy this special live set by André Uhl from Berlin in support of his new album “I hope… Read More + Listen »

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